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Centre L’Oubradou is a place for artists, scientists and educators to come together to think and to share beyond the confines of daily distraction. Based in a beautiful environment that fosters creativity and collaboration, created by William Rubin and Phyllis Hattis, Centre L’Oubradou is a non-profit foundation that sustains the unique vision of its founding mission – to promote the interconnection of art, science and education around the world.


Dr. Phyllis Hattis, Founder & Executive Director

Sir Colin Blakemore, Professor, City University of Hong Kong

Stanislas Dehaene, Professor, Collège de France

Brian Kennedy, Director Peabody Essex Museum

Roderick C.M. Hall

Ambassador Ido Aharoni

Dan Conn, CIR

Theodore Feder, Artists Rights Society

Howard Greene, M.A., M.Ed.

Maryann Mullins

Sirwa Nguy

Bill Richter, Mahler Foundation

Roberta Rubin, Founder, American Writers Museum


Drew Bolton

Visko Hatfield

Beatrice Rubin

Alain Spada

Melanie Mendoza

Copyright 2019 Centre L'Oubradou, All rights reserved.

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