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Rethinking the Senses: A Workshop on Consciousness

Centre L’Oubradou held its inaugural colloquium in 2016. British neurobiologist

Sir Colin Blakemore, led this three day workshop on the subject of Consciousness. He was joined by twenty neuroscientists, psychologists and philosophers 

from around the globe.


Colin Blakemore, Yi-Chuan Chen, Ghislaine Dehaene,

Stanislas Dehaene, Ophelia Deroy, Merle Fairhurst,

Paul Fletcher, Chris Frith, Uta Frith, Fiona Macpherson,

Alisa Mandrigin, Uta Noppeney, Matt Nudds,

Lucy O'Brien, Ian Phillips, Charles Siewert, Barry Smith,

Dustin Stokes, Keith Wilson

We had the opportunity of having a significant conversation with absolutely everyone in the meeting... I think there will be a number of collaborations as a result.
Sir Colin Blakemore FRS
Director of the Centre of the Study
of the Senses
School of Advanced Study

University of London

I'm grateful I got to participate in Centre L'Oubradou's inaugural voyage.

Charles Siewert

Professor of Philosophy

Rice University

One of the most memorable workshops of the whole project.
Ophelia Deroy

Deputy Director of the Institute of Philosophy School of Advanced Study, University of London

We are trying to integrate science and philosophy, and this is the perfect work place to open a window on something much freer.

Stanislas Dehaene

Professor of Experimental Cognitive Psychology

Collège de France, Paris

The place and the atmosphere contributed to an open, reflective and lively meeting that achieved a great deal in expected, and less expected, ways.
Paul Fletcher

Professor of Health Neuroscience

University of Cambridge



Centre L'Oubradou is proud to co-sponsor this workshop for the investigators and post-doctoral researchers of the Arts & Humanities Research Council grant Rethinking the Senses, as well as its distinguished invited participants.

Copyright 2019 Centre L'Oubradou, All rights reserved.

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